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CR paid for itself after two batches
Agrochemical manufacturer Albaugh Inc. is one of the largest producers of generic herbicide in the US. Albaugh Inc. annually produces some 20 mill. gallons of product around the clock. In their hot water filter wash application, the Missouri-based plant washes 40 batches on a typical day.
CRN Air-Cooled Top solves shaft seal problem at dairy
With a turnover of some EUR 400 million, the Milk Union Hocheifel (MUH) in Germany, is Europe’s largest UHT milk producer (Ultra Heat Temperature) and supplies milk for more than 170 well-known companies.
Custom pump gives higher pressure with less energy
AXA gets 'super' unit for internally cooled machine tools
De Schothorst: Grundfos DME dosing pumps improve standard of poultry research
In the Western European livestock industry, controlling environmental pollution in the form of N and P emissions and ammonia emission is a key issue.
Demand Driven Distribution - great for more than leaks
The Demand Driven Distribution concept has helped drive down energy consumption and maintenance costs for the Dunea water company.
Demand Driven Distribution helps reduce leakages and energy costs in Ploesti,...
Proportional pressure management saves energy and reduces leakages in the Municipality of Ploesti, Romania.
DESY in Zeuthen installs CRNE pumps in various cooling systems
DESY is one of the world's leading particle accelerator centres for research into the structure of matter.
Det österrikiska företaget: ”Vi trodde inte att energibesparingar av denna ...
För tryckstegringsapplikationen för vattenförsörjningen efter sandfiltrering/bakspolning vid Wasserverband Südliches Burgenland i Oberwart, Österrike, levererade Grundfos en 22 kW CR-95-modell från den nya linjen med ”extrastora” CR-flerstegspumpar.
dp for Flowcontrolled Pumps
An uncontrolled pump will typically generate maximum pressure 24-7 to secure the adequate pressure to circulate water under various conditions.
Ecology first for Central Japan Railway Company
Since its establishment in 1987, the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) has vigorously promoted technological development. July 2002 saw the opening of their newest research centre in Komaki in southern Japan.