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Lübzin Waterworks: optimum value for specific energy expenditure
EURAWASSER Nord GmbH’s partner is EURAWASSER Aufbereitungs- und Entsorgungs GmbH Berlin, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, France, active nationally since 1990. EURAWASSER’s contracting companies are local authorities and public utility companies. EURAWASSER offers local authorities comprehensive long term collaborations for water and wastewater in the context of various models adapted to the specfic context. These models range from management contracts to operational management, ...
Lyckat samarbete vid nybyggnation av dagvattenstationer
Lyckat samarbete vid nybyggnation av dagvattenstationer
Lösning för vattenförsörjning och dosering av lut
Växjö kommun behövde en lösning för vattenförsörjning och dosering av lut för att kunna levererar friskt dricksvatten till kommunens invånare.
M-Real: Smooth dosing guarantees high-quality paper
The pulp and paper mill, M-real Hallein AG, is known for its superior paper quality. The mill has specialized in producing coated paper and TCF-bleached sulphite pulp from spruce.
Making things happen in Dubai
Just a century ago Dubai was little more than a desert-strewn landscape where Bedouin tribes roamed the sands.
Mark Lacher's Farm
Originally, Mark used another pump on the site of this field. Poor suction inlet design caused cavitation damage with this high speed (3600 RPM) pump.
Milko – a modern dairy enterprise with modern-day requirements
Based in northern Sweden, The Milko dairy company develops and markets natural dairy products that satisfy the needs of Swedish consumers for gastronomic experiences.
Minskade driftskostnader och bättre systemöversikt med hjälp av modern ...
Provas, det kommunala allmännyttiga företaget i staden Haderslev i södra Jylland, Danmark, har ansvaret för att hantera dricksvatten, spillvatten samt avfall. Liksom många andra allmännyttiga företag behöver Provas minska sina driftskostnader för att få utrymme för kommande investeringar. Genom att spara energi vid dess mer än 150 pumpstationer kan Provas lättare nå målet. Provas hade dock ytterligare en utmaning som måste hanteras.
MTRI pumps resistant to aggressive electrolytes: Stainless steel pump head
The ECM process is characterised by high-precision deburring and edge radiusing of metallic components - material is removed precisely from the desired points with no thermal or mechanical stress to the structure of the material.
Multiple pump solutions for fishmeal manufacturer
FF of Denmark is one of the world’s leading manufac­turers of fishmeal and fish oil. On a yearly basis, the company processes some 1⁄2 million ton of raw fish, of which 75% are exported to countries around the world and the remaining 25% are sold in the home market.