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Innovation! “The least expensive – the most efficient”
daka’s Danish factories process a total of 750,000 tons of animal by-products every year. The company produces animal proteins of high ethical quality from the by-products of specific pig slaughterhouses.
Innovative air-conditioning at Taiwanese athletic centre
Established in 1961, the Chinese Culture University was formerly referred to as the College of Chinese Culture.
Queensland company Kalfresh is one of Australia’s biggest carrot suppliers producing more than 16,000 tonnes a year for export and domestic markets.
Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant
Kingscliff Wastewater Treatment Plant
LCC analysis provides reliable facts
The 'Zweckverband Wasserversorgung und Abwasserentsorgung der Westuckermark’ (Utility Association for Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal in the Westuckermark) currently operates 28 water works and 458 kilometres of pipeline.
Legionellabekämpning på Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad
Centralsjukhuset i Karlstad fungerar både som länssjukhus för hela Värmlands befolkning och som närsjukhus för invånarna i kommunerna Karlstad, Hammarö, Kil och Forshaga. Centralsjukhuset är med 3200 anställda länets största arbetsplats.
Life cycle cost analysis of pumps optimises the brewing process
Despite the extensive consolidation that has been taking place in the German and European brewery industry, Pfungstädter Brauerei has so far managed to remain an independent business, safe in the hands of the family that founded it.
LON capability retrofitted to existing pump installations
Via SCADA systems, facility managers can monitor, control and optimise their electrical installations, from their PC. They can do this from anywhere around their facility – or even from home.
Low NPSH pump has cavitation under control
Loos International, Gunzenhausen in Germany, is known all over the world for its expertise in boiler manufacture. This know-how was acquired during the course of a company history going back around 140 years – the company has now delivered almost 100,000 industrial boiler systems in more than 140 countries. Every year this boiler specialist produces more than 1,250 boiler systems in modern production facilities in Germany and Austria.
Luleå Energi
Luleå ligger i Norrbottens län och är Norrlands fjärde största kommun sett till folkmängden och den tredje mest tätbefolkade.